Continental GT

When Less Is More: Bentley’s 500 HP Continental GT and GTC V8

Typically, automobile manufacturers will ratchet up a car’s performance from year to year to keep enthusiasm at a boil: bigger engine, more power, more speed. Bentley is about to take a somewhat different tack with its acclaimed Continental GT coupe and Continental GTC convertible. For the 2013 model year, the British automaker’s two-door models—heretofore motivated […]

Autos: Small Change for the Better

Judging from the bridled alterations that Bentley has made to the original Continental GT, the automaker knows not to mess with success. Before the first-generation model arrived in showrooms in 2004, Bentley sold roughly 1,000 cars worldwide annually. A year later, annual sales skyrocketed to more than 6,500 cars—most of them Continental GTs. As Bentley […]

Bentley’s 2012 Flying Spur Series 51 Is All About Choice

Opulence and effortless speed are lovely, but the real charm of owning a fine motorcar is its supreme exclusivity. And yet, in some neighborhoods, even the most extraordinary vehicles can start to seem, well, common. That conundrum provided the motivation for Bentley’s Series 51 package. Already available on the Continental GT and Continental GT Speed […]

Indecent Composure

Those with a wicked appreciation for both irony and understatement have, from the outset, savored Bentley’s Continental GT as the perfect stealth supercar. Endowed with an unimpeachable pedigree, a purposeful shape, and an exquisite interior, the grand tourer from the Crewe factory in England is also as sturdy as a rhinoceros and even more powerful. […]

Wheels: Continental Drifting

‘‘Now throttle! Fool! Fool! Fool!” Driving instructor Thierry Bouillon erupts as I slide a Bentley Continental GT sideways around an icy hairpin turn. Until this moment, I had been quite pleased with my display of car control, so the insult catches me a bit off guard, and I hesitate for a moment before I glance […]

Car of the Year 2006: Bentley Continental Flying Spur

The Bentley Continental GT, Robb Report’s Car of the Year for 2004, has added a set of doors, a Flying Spur appellation, and almost another trophy for the display case in Crewe. Even when compared directly to the newly crowned Car of the Year, the Ferrari F430, the Flying Spur holds its own. Both cars […]