Continental GTC

Best of the Best 2012: Convertibles: Bentley Continental GTC

An advocate of excess, Oscar Wilde would have made a perfect pitchman for the Bentley Continental GTC (, a heavy and heavily handcrafted vehicle that coddles driver and passengers and has a performance envelope that is more locomotive than automotive. Bentley’s use of only the finest leather and mirror-matched woods is well publicized, but few […]

Car of the Year 2012: No. 5 Bentley Continental GTC

NO APOLOGIES   By any measure or comparison of weight and size, the Continental GTC is excessive. Without passengers it weighs almost three tons. It is longer than most primer sailboats. Manufacturing of one car consumes a month or more, not days, because Bentley’s attention to detail is agonizing. Bentley makes no apologies for its lack […]

The Bentley GTC Takes Croatia

Our Bentley-hosted Croatian caper begins at the Hotel Monte Mulini, a 2-year-old structure of chrome, glass, and blond marble near the cobblestoned fishing village of Rovinj, on the Istrian Peninsula. A group of 2012 Continental GTCs—Grand Touring Convertibles—is assembled on the hotel’s portico under an undulant roof evidently inspired by the Adriatic Sea, to which […]

Bentley Opens Up the 2011 Continental Supersports Convertible

Bentley’s Continental GT coupe and GTC convertible have never been shy on power or speed—the “base” models’ 552 horsepower and top speed of 195 miles per hour and the Speed editions’ 602 horsepower and top speed of 200 miles per hour are hardly figures to sneeze at. In keeping with this too-much-is-just-right philosophy, the English […]

Best of the Best 2007: GTs, Coupes & Convertibles

The Audi R8 ( may lack a long history, but it already has experienced plenty of racing success: The prototype that dominated sports car competitions for the past seven years went by the same name. And despite Audi’s humble claim that the $109,000 R8 is the company’s first attempt to build a mid-engine street car, […]

Car of the Year: Winner: Bentley Continental GTC

As a prototype convertible made the rounds from one Bentley showroom to another last summer, Robb Report senior correspondent Paul Dean traveled to Miami to drive the latest member of the Continental family—a clan that now consists of the patriarchal Continental GT coupe, a sedan known as the Continental Flying Spur, and this blue-hued, all-new […]

Wheels: To Air Is Divine

Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible is much more than the third of the company’s triplets. The car represents the third ace in a full house, the third member of a trifecta, the completion of a hat trick, the final member of a blessed trinity.   The 2003 Continental GT coupe was first from the assembly line […]