Cognac Concoctions

The simple but balanced sidecar, perhaps the best-known Cognac-based libation, is widely believed to have originated in early 20th-century Paris, at either Harry’s New York Bar or the Ritz Paris. Nearly a century later, gifted mixologists such as Josh Davis of Chicago are crafting exquisite modifications of the archetypal recipe. Davis’s Spoken Word combines bright […]

A Cognac Fit for Royalty

As the bucolic Charente River flows silently past the majestic Château Courvoisier, one would hardly guess that the musty Paradis cellars of this historic Cognac house sequester some of the oldest eaux-de-vie in France. It was from these aging barrels that more than 100 precious Cognacs from the two most exclusive crus—Grande Champagne and Borderies—have […]