Family Valuables

The younger generation helps take David Yurman in enlightening new directions.  For last year’s 30th anniversary of David Yurman’s signature Cable bracelet, the jeweler’s son Evan re-created the object (usually made of precious metal and encrusted with gems) as a limited-edition series of colorful, anodized-aluminum bangles. “Evan took a common base metal and made it […]

Bright Lines, Dark Metal

An inventive new aesthetic has permeated fine jewelry design—a penchant for sleek silhouettes defined in dark-finished metals and highlighted with boldly positioned, intriguing stones. These elegantly edgy pieces, which range from intricate, diamond-studded spider earrings to a spiked ruby ring, present even the most precious gemstones in daring, spirited configurations that play on contrasts between darkness […]

Magnificent Mavericks

Trailblazing designers push the frontiers of menswear this season with hardy, well-built clothing crafted for the rugged individual who favors durability and comfort—especially when they are harnessed to a bold personal statement. This slightly defiant spirit is expressed in sturdy topcoats, leather jackets, and blazers whose brash lines and daring details emphasize the breadth of the wearer’s shoulders and […]