Aston Martin DBS Volante

Mechanically the DBS convertible is identical to the coupe and Aston’s paddle-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission allows for seamless acceleration. Looking for the ultimate expression of modern-day British motoring? Your search is over.

Sleek Inside and Out: Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition

It’s no faster or better handling than a standard issue Aston Martin DBS Volante—if one has the nerve to call anything from the high-end British brand “standard”—but this limited-edition model is an aesthete’s delight. The Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition ($302,576) receives a seven-layer paint process that’s finished with a flat-and-polish treatment requiring 25 hours […]

Ultimate Edition Is a Grand Finale for Aston Martin’s DBS

As the magnificent DBS prepares to take its curtain call, Aston Martin reveals a fitting send-off for its five-year-old flagship model. Similar to the special edition that rang out the company’s Vanquish supercar in 2007, the DBS Ultimate Edition distinguishes itself with a host of artfully conceived cosmetic enhancements, including a painted rear spoiler, carbon […]

The All-New Aston Martin Virage Strikes a Balance

Aston Martin has done a remarkable job designing each and every one of its cars in a way that appeals to both the style-minded and performance-obsessed buyer. For some, however, the body lines and badge letters begin to blur somewhere between the DB9 and DBS models, to a degree in which it is almost impossible […]

Car of the Year 2010: No. 3 Aston Martin DBS Volante

Britain’s Beauty As Aston Martin’s flagship model, the DBS Volante impresses on every level. The car performs like a sports car, rides like a grand tourer, sounds like a supercar, and takes the prize for best dressed. More importantly, this Volante version offers something the Ferrari 599—the DBS’s closest competitor—will never be able to match: […]

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