About Face

At one time, the most impressive feature of nearly every coveted timepiece was the decorative art it showcased. During the 17th and 18th centuries, in the period of Geneva’s “Fabrique” watchmaking collective, the work of a talented enamelist—someone who creates miniature paintings in enamel—added far more value to a timepiece than did any of the […]

Watches: Emotional Inventory

In describing DeLaneau’s new Madison Avenue boutique, company CEO Cristina Wendt-Thévenaz prefers not to stress the fact that it will be the only watch store in New York City that caters exclusively to women. Nor does she mention that the prices of the Geneva-based watchmaker’s timepieces, which cost from $35,000 to $2 million, might make […]

DeLaneau 1608

It might be easy to overlook DeLaneau, given the company’s size and limited distribution network. Yet the superlative quality of its watches keeps this small Geneva-based operation on the radar screens of many admiring collectors. The DeLaneau 1608 deserves admiration—and then some. This model makes time easily digestible with an all-digital jumping hours-and-minutes display (the […]