New, More Efficient, Comfortable Jets Take Flight

Jet manufacturers unveiled a series of competitive new products, advanced technologies, and updated designs last month in Las Vegas at the annual conference of the National Business Aviation Association. Buyers were courted with bigger cabins, new engines that deliver more power while burning less fuel, and continuing evolution in cabin amenities that create a more […]

Pilot’s Delight

A number of highly anticipated personal aircraft appear to have survived the recession and are moving through their certification processes and toward production. Two personal jets (formerly known as very light jets), the HondaJet and the Eclipse 550, are almost ready to enter service. A third, Cirrus’ Vision SF50, has been revived by the company’s […]

FrontRunners: Airborne Again

Consider the new Eclipse 550 ( an upgrade of the popular EA-500, which has been on the market since 2006. Eclipse Aviation, one of the first manufacturers to sell a small personal jet (formerly called a very light jet), delivered 260 examples of the EA-500 before filing for bankruptcy in 2008. Renamed Eclipse Aerospace and […]

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