Ecosse Moto Works

FrontRunners: Founder’s Art

At home on the track or on display in a modern-art gallery, the Ecosse Moto Works Founder’s Edition Race ( marks the end of the production run for the Heretic, the Denver company’s flagship model. In 2004, Ecosse founder Donald Atchison created two versions of the Heretic, a street model for the public and a […]

Ecosse Builds the World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

Ecosse Moto Works has a reputation for concocting perfectly unreasonable motorcycles, flawlessly detailed six-figure bikes that are handmade for a small but dedicated clientele. But the Denver, Colo.-based boutique builder’s new flagship elevates the company’s artistry and performance to new heights. Priced at an extravagant $300,000—making it the most expensive production motorcycle on the market—Ecosse’s […]