Cadillac ELR

With solid engineering behind its electric drivetrain and Cadillac’s cutting-edge Art and Science design, the ELR holds promise… Click here to read more about the Cadillac ELR.

BEST of the BEST 2014 | Wheels |Coupes & GTs: Cadillac ELR

In addition to being an extended-range electric vehicle and offering the attendant ecological and economic benefits of such a car, the Cadillac ELR (www.cadillac.com) is a design showpiece. Like the Converj concept car of 2009 from which it evolved, the ELR combines arcing and slashing lines for a look that is both elegant and sporty. […]

Private Preview 2014: High-End Voltage

The plug-in ELR coupe, which will arrive in showrooms in January and is based on the Converj concept from 2009, is Cadillac’s first electric model—and executives at Cadillac and General Motors have indicated that it will not be the flagship brand’s last one. They are considering adding a larger and more luxurious model as a […]