Autos: Flower Power

British-built lotus road cars have long been known for their light weight and nimble handling. The Evora, introduced in 2009 as the company’s first all-new production model since 1995, embodies both of these virtues. The recently launched Evora S has more of a third quality for which Lotuses are not renowned: power. Lotus has fastened […]

Car of the Year 2011: No. 14 Lotus Evora

Driver’s Delight Lotus has always built cars for serious drivers possessing a disdain for excess and a willingness to sacrifice space, amenities, and brute force in deference to a lightweight, elemental means of going fast. With the Evora, Lotus makes a foray into daily-driver territory, expanding its waistline with available 2+2 seating and building a […]

Lotus Preps Its V6-Powered Evora for America

It’s not every day that little Lotus unveils an entirely new model—and it’s even rarer that the company releases a model with more than two seats. The new Evora (a name that has nothing to do with the picturesque walled city near Lisbon, Portugal, but is instead an amalgam of the words Evolution, Vogue, and […]

2009 Luxury Preview: Lotus Blossoms

When the Lotus Evora arrives in the United States next summer, the car will introduce an element of practicality to what has been, to date, a boy-racer brand. While Lotus’ smaller Elise and Exige models eschew creature comforts to maintain their lightweight agility, the Evora will feature two rear seats, a leather-lined cabin, an optional […]