Fisker Karma: Time to Bargain for a Future Collectible?

The future of Fisker is still very much in the air. Unless the company is able to find some last-minute financing, the dream of the car designer Henrik Fisker may very well end in bankruptcy court. Fisker himself bowed out several weeks ago, citing irreconcilable differences with management. He had earlier stepped down as chief […]

Autos: Good Karma

Few cars have generated as much buzz as the Fisker Karma hybrid electric sports sedan. But lately, most of the news has been negative. Last year the U.S. Department of Energy suspended its $529 million loan to the California-based start-up after the company failed to meet the government’s progress deadlines. In January, Fisker stopped sales […]

Fisker Unveils Karma-Based 2013 Surf Gasoline-Electric Wagon

With the paint hardly dry on the luscious Karma plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, California-based upstart Fisker Automotive—helmed by the gifted and prolific designer Henrik Fisker (BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9)—has revealed its next big thing: the production-bound Surf. Mechanically identical to the Karma sedan, the Surf features a stretched roofline that creates a quasi-wagon body […]

Power Play

It did not take long for enthusiasts of high-performance cars to redefine the term “going green” as a pejorative. Among drivers who savor speed and raw power, the very thought of another fuel-sipping hybrid seems to trigger yawns and sighs. However, there are a handful of manufacturers currently striving to prove these skeptics wrong. Performance […]

Car of the Year 2006: Fisker Tramonto

Those not familiar with former BMW designer Henrik Fisker or his Irvine, Calif., company, Fisker Coachbuild (and many of our Car of the Year judges were not), can think of him as a kind of custom tailor who, using only the most exclusive materials, will nip and tuck your Mercedes SL55 AMG or BMW M6 […]

Autos: Rising Sunset

At one time, a luxury automobile was distinguished more by the rarity of its appearance than its price. In the early part of the last century, owners of such cars often would purchase a chassis and engine from Cadillac, Rolls-Royce, or another trusted automotive engineering firm, then hire an independent coachbuilder—what in Italy is known […]