Watches: A Timely Anachronism

For watchmakers and watch collectors alike, François-Paul Journe is a symbol of the entire independent watchmaking movement in Switzerland: an artisan who found success without surrendering control of his brand, F.P. Journe, or changing his production techniques to seek higher profit from greater volume. Journe, however, is quick to distance himself from his peers in […]

Holiday Desires: Watches

You need not be a serious, well-informed watch collector to know that Patek Philippe reigns supreme as the producer most serious collectors pursue. Even in the world of collectible pocket watches—a category that Doug Escribano, head of sales for Christie’s watches and wristwatches department, says is strengthening—enameled Patek Philippe pocket watches from the mid-20th century […]

A Simple Form of Lightness from F.P. Journe

Following on the impression created by his ultra-light, all-aluminium Centigraph Sport, F.P. Journe has released a less complicated edition—essentially one of his popular Octa watches, transformed into aeronautic-grade aluminium. Octa Sport ($25,790) features the same five-day power reserve and free-sprung balance as the other Octa movements, but its aluminium plates and bridges have been specially […]

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