Franck Muller

FrontRunners October 2014 WATCHES AND JEWELRY

Power Hungry  Like an american muscle car from the 1970s, the Franck Muller Giga Gong Tourbillon ( is engineered to produce power—excessive amounts of it—not conserve it. Indeed, energy consumption is a touted feature of the brand’s entire series of large-format Giga Tourbillons. This latest entry adds an extra demand on the watch’s four massive […]

A Classical Offering from Franck Muller

While from the front it looks like an archetypical Franck Muller Curvex model, a look at the back of the new Cintrée Curvex 7 Day Power Reserve ($23,200) reveals a surprise. In place of the modern automatic movement that the company builds for many of its simpler men’s watches is a graceful hand-wound caliber of […]

Feminine Ideals

Women can count themselves fortunate that they need no longer choose between a dainty dress piece and a man’s watch that has been shrunken and ringed with diamonds. The best—we have selected four—eloquently express the union of gem-setting and watchmaking arts in a completely individual way. The results are spectacular, meaning they may not be […]

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