FrontRunners October 2014 WATCHES AND JEWELRY

Power Hungry  Like an american muscle car from the 1970s, the Franck Muller Giga Gong Tourbillon ( is engineered to produce power—excessive amounts of it—not conserve it. Indeed, energy consumption is a touted feature of the brand’s entire series of large-format Giga Tourbillons. This latest entry adds an extra demand on the watch’s four massive […]

A Classical Offering from Franck Muller

While from the front it looks like an archetypical Franck Muller Curvex model, a look at the back of the new Cintrée Curvex 7 Day Power Reserve ($23,200) reveals a surprise. In place of the modern automatic movement that the company builds for many of its simpler men’s watches is a graceful hand-wound caliber of […]

Feminine Ideals

Women can count themselves fortunate that they need no longer choose between a dainty dress piece and a man’s watch that has been shrunken and ringed with diamonds. The best—we have selected four—eloquently express the union of gem-setting and watchmaking arts in a completely individual way. The results are spectacular, meaning they may not be […]

Watches: Big Time

When it comes to complications, Franck Muller’s movement developer, Jean-Pierre Golay, contends that simple can also be innovative. “We wanted to change directions completely,” he says, referring to the watch house’s newest creation, the rather impressively named Giga Tourbillon. “We wanted to create something very simple in the same dimensions as our recent complicated watches. […]

Franck Muller Teams Up with Reggie Jackson

Former New York Yankee and avid watch collector Reggie Jackson has partnered with watchmaker Franck Muller to design a limited-edition series of timepieces featuring the sleek Yankee pinstripes on rubber straps. The Reggie Jackson Limited Edition Collection comprises three models: a titanium watch with blue rubber straps bearing the signature pinstripe, $10,300, made in a […]