Fred Leighton

Bearing Fruit

Fred Leighton is perhaps best known for its remarkable collection of estate and vintage jewelry, but the New York company with more than 30 years on Madison Avenue also produces new pieces that command attention. Consider, for instance, a pair of perfectly matched, pear-shaped diamonds cut from the same rough stone: Each of the 20-carat […]

Bright Lines, Dark Metal

An inventive new aesthetic has permeated fine jewelry design—a penchant for sleek silhouettes defined in dark-finished metals and highlighted with boldly positioned, intriguing stones. These elegantly edgy pieces, which range from intricate, diamond-studded spider earrings to a spiked ruby ring, present even the most precious gemstones in daring, spirited configurations that play on contrasts between darkness […]

FrontRunners August 2014: WATCHES & JEWELRY

The charm bracelet can be one of the most expressive forms of jewelry, enabling a woman to wear gold and gemstone figures that represent family, careers, hobbies, and other defining elements of her life. Lately though, designers and jewelry houses have been creating charm bracelets in signature styles that reference their own histories. The Harry […]