Car of the Year 2011: No. 11 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Lift Your Spirits The downsized Ghost has huge tire tracks to fill, those of the immortal Silver Ghost that in 1906 gave birth to Grecian radiators, minted a new metaphor for opulence, and began a progression of the most impressive marque in motoring. Yet this starter Rolls—lighter, shorter, lower, narrower, and about $130,000 less expensive […]

Rolls-Royce Ghost

The four-door Rolls-Royce Ghost is the latest addition to the British automaker’s royal family. Although it is considered to be the baby Rolls, it is only 17 inches shorter than the brand’s 19-foot-long Phantom models and features a very similar silhouette. The Ghost also shares paint, wood, and leather workshops with the Phantom series but […]

Spirited Ecstasy: Ghost Story

After a 103-year hiatus, the Ghost model name has reemerged at Rolls-Royce. The original Silver Ghost was the first series-produced car from the factory at Derby, England, which was the primary Rolls-Royce facility until the Crewe factory became the company’s home in 1946. During a two-decade production span, the early Ghost established standards in quality, […]

Spirited Ecstasy

For Rolls-Royce, finding the golden mean between modernity and tradition in the development of a new automobile is critical. After all, consumers have, on the one hand, more than a century’s worth of products to inform their impressions of the marque and, on the other, the knowledge that the current incarnation of Rolls-Royce is not […]

FrontRunners: Ghost Story

The four-door Rolls-Royce Ghost (, unveiled in concept form at the International Geneva Motor Show in March, is short by company standards. The car, however, is only 17 inches shorter than Rolls-Royce’s 19-foot-long Phantom models, and it features a similar shape. The Ghost will also share paint, wood, and leather workshops with the Phantom series, […]