FrontRunners August 2014: WATCHES & JEWELRY

The charm bracelet can be one of the most expressive forms of jewelry, enabling a woman to wear gold and gemstone figures that represent family, careers, hobbies, and other defining elements of her life. Lately though, designers and jewelry houses have been creating charm bracelets in signature styles that reference their own histories. The Harry […]

Set Point

Many women can relate to being sometimes underestimated merely because they are attractive. The same can be said of their watches, particularly when jeweled. Their flashy, high-fashion qualities often obscure the technical skill involved in creating them. In fact, the case makers and setters of ladies’ time-pieces are as talented—and as uniquely Swiss in their […]

FrontRunners: Constant Escapement

An ultrathin ribbon of silicon helps the Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement ( address a problem that has long vexed watchmakers: how to maintain a watch’s accuracy as the mainspring (or barrel) unwinds, loses energy, and produces less power for the timekeeping element (the balance wheel). As the Constant Escapement’s ribbon snaps back and forth, it delivers […]

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