Glashütte Original Explores Its Feminine Side

With a delicate, cushion-shaped case reminiscent of the 1920s, Glashütte Original’s new women’s-watch collection has a distinctly feminine edge. The Pavonina Collection is named from the Latin word for “peacock,” which aptly describes the bold showpiece: A stylized peacock tail is fashioned from 98 diamonds into feather-like lines. The case is flanked with an additional […]

Watches: Loading Zones

A sober, utilitarian character informs most of the timepieces assembled in Glashütte, the German watchmaking town in the southeastern state of Saxony that now bustles with a spate of new manufacturers. Although the recently minted firms also adhere to the town’s conservative approach to horology, the tendency to favor tradition is perhaps most pronounced at Glashütte […]

Glashütte Original’s Seventies Show

With its mod, cushion-shaped Seventies Panorama Date ($11,100), Glashütte Original flashes back to a nostalgic era of brawny muscle cars, Star Wars, and disco. While some of the decade’s fashions may prompt a chuckle, watch design made a significant contemporary leap with the introduction of Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak, two long-lived […]