The Story of Ancient Saressa Glass by The House of Gilan

In ancient times, special occasions like a king taking throne, weddings, religious ceremonies or feasts were celebrated with grand festivals. These festivals are illustrated in detail in the embossed walls and vases, hieroglyphs and seals in centers of the old world. At these festivals the king and queen or the married couple to be offered […]

Waterford Lismore Diamond Caviar Server Available From Paramount Caviar

The Lismore Diamond collection is a strikingly modern reinterpretation of the Lismore pattern, which includes Waterford’s most advanced and original giftware statements. Lismore Diamond is the signature pattern for the Lismore 60th Anniversary celebration, featuring horizontal cuts over alternating-height vertical cuts, which create light-refracting, diamond-like facets of unsurpassed prismatic reflectivity. Synonymous with luxury and fine […]

Riedel Creates a Glass for Coca-Cola

For at least 90 years, Coca-Cola has kept spectacularly, theatrically mum about its recipe—even adopting a policy that the only two corporate officials at any given time who are formally permitted to know the formula are forbidden to fly on the same airplane, just in case. While the specifics are unknown (although This American Life […]

Cuts Above

Paris Lighting that is truly a glass act A Nathalie Pasqua–designed chandelier is more sculptural than functional, casting no more light than that emitted by a handful of birthday candles. And this is precisely the intention of the former ballerina turned lighting creator. After 20 years under the Opéra National de Paris’s glaring stage lights, […]

FrontRunners: Superior Pour

Conceived by CEO Maximilian J. Riedel, whose family has operated its namesake Austrian glassware company for 11 generations, the Riedel Mamba ( contoured vessel allows wine to aerate considerably faster than does a bowl-shaped decanter—almost 19 times faster, according to the company. Green glass and black glass designs are available for $495 each in a […]