Improving Paradise

“Don’t be alarmed if I make any sudden movements during the flight,” says my helicopter pilot as I take the seat next to him on a piercingly bright morning at Frégate Island Private. I nod hesitantly in response to this introduction, just before the tiny aircraft lurches upward, prompting a flurry in my stomach. “There […]

Great Expectations

Dereck Joubert strides through tightly planted rows of pyrethrum and sweet potatoes on a steep rise in the Rwandan countryside. Reaching a craggy overlook near the mountain’s peak, he points down to the valley floor, where a muddy footpath snakes through the farmland. “The road will come up through there,” says Joubert, tracing the trail […]

The Robb Reader: Dereck and Beverly Joubert

When Botswana residents Dereck and Beverly Joubert are not traversing continents to promote their latest film, book, or photography exhibition, they live in the bush, tracking the lions and other super predators that are the focus of their Emmy Award–winning documentaries. After 32 years of exploring together, the Jouberts—who are part owners of the African […]