Autos: Alpha Dog

Nicknamed Godzilla because of its monstrous power and country of origin, Nissan’s GT-R is one of the most formidable high-performance automobiles. It rivals the best from Europe and the United States on the drag strip and on the track. And priced at just under $100,000, the GT-R has a performance-per-dollar ratio that, like its scorching […]

Autos: Godzilla Relaunched

When you drive the 2012 Nissan GT-R, red lights mean go. Flick the toggle beside each of the three letters R on the instrument panel—to set the transmission, suspension, and stability control to launch-control mode—see the bar above each R shine red, stomp on the throttle, and then enjoy or just try to endure the […]

Higher Power and Lower Drag: Nissan Updates the GT-R for 2012

Not just any car merits a nickname like “Godzilla.” A longtime performance icon in its homeland, the Nissan GT-R took America by storm three years ago with radical looks, a twin-turbo V-6, and all-wheel drive. True to its cinematic sobriquet, the GT-R proved monstrously fast, returning a quicker lap time around Germany’s famed Nürburgring Nordschleife […]

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