Cognac Concoctions

The simple but balanced sidecar, perhaps the best-known Cognac-based libation, is widely believed to have originated in early 20th-century Paris, at either Harry’s New York Bar or the Ritz Paris. Nearly a century later, gifted mixologists such as Josh Davis of Chicago are crafting exquisite modifications of the archetypal recipe. Davis’s Spoken Word combines bright […]

Cocktails and Cuisine

Just as the phylloxera outbreak of the 1860s caused the French to switch from wine to Cognac with their meals, a few years ago some Parisians again began having a glass or two of eau-de-vie with their dinners—only this time it was prompted by a voluntary appreciation of the complementary flavors of Cognac when paired […]

Hennessy’s Reveals an Artistic Bent with KAWS-Designed Bottle

The familiar black-and-yellow label of the world’s number-one selling Cognac is getting a face-lift this month when Hennessy offers its long-beloved V.S. blend in a special bottle designed by contemporary artist KAWS. Starting as a street artist in New York, Brian Donnelly, working under the pseudonym KAWS, went from tagging walls and subverting advertisements to […]