Icon Aircraft

Air Play

Nearly a decade in the making, the Icon A5 amphibious light-sport aircraft (starting at $189,000) is finally in service and ready to be flown—by new pilots and experienced ones alike—on weekend getaways, lake-hopping excursions, and camping trips. Icon Aircraft, which made its first delivery of an A5 in July, designed the unpressurized, two-seat plane to […]

Pilot’s Delight

A number of highly anticipated personal aircraft appear to have survived the recession and are moving through their certification processes and toward production. Two personal jets (formerly known as very light jets), the HondaJet and the Eclipse 550, are almost ready to enter service. A third, Cirrus’ Vision SF50, has been revived by the company’s […]

The Icon A5 Redefines the Recreational Aircraft

Icon A5 ✪Icon Aircraft’s debut model is primed to jump-start a new segment of the recreational-aircraft industry. The 23-foot-long, 7.1-foot-tall amphibious light-sport aircraft (LSA)—a category that the Federal Aviation Administration created in 2004—features wings that tilt vertically and fold flat against the side of the fuselage, reducing the plane’s width from 34 feet to 8.5 […]

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