Autos: Infiniti Carpool

Infiniti recognized early on that tastes in domestic transport were evolving beyond the Chevy Suburbans and Dodge Caravans that once filled soccer-field parking lots on Saturday mornings. A decade ago, well before BMW began developing the X6, Infiniti brought a radical shift in style and performance to the family-vehicle market when it introduced the FX, […]

Emerg-E Concept: A Glimpse into Infiniti’s Bright Future

The Geneva Motor Show is known in the auto industry as a designer’s showcase. Other shows focus on new production models or advanced technologies, but Geneva is about design. So it’s no surprise that Infiniti chose Switzerland to unveil the voluptuous Emerg-E concept. As a would-be halo car for Infiniti, the racy two-seater offers a […]

The 2011 Infiniti QX56: More Luxurious and Stylish

Progress: It’s a beautiful thing. To wit, the all-new 2011 Infiniti QX56 is larger, quieter, and more sumptuous than its predecessor. Its engine is 25 percent more powerful yet delivers 10 percent better fuel economy. And (though it may be a contentious observation), it’s dramatically prettier. The third iteration of this grandest Infiniti is roughly […]

Test Drive: Infiniti G37 Convertible

As Infiniti’s most popular model line, the G Series has always been chasing the BMW 3 Series—from sales numbers to performance figures. In fact, when BMW announced that it was building a retractable hardtop (instead of the tradition ragtop) for its new convertible versions of the 328, 335, and M3, it did not take long […]

Wheels: X Marques

While the term “sport-utility vehicle” (and its ubiquitous acronym) entered our national lexicon barely 15 years ago, the concept of four-wheel-drive vehicles combining off-road capability with buslike rows of seats and copious cargo space is decades old. The Jeeps, Broncos, and Suburbans of yore, however, languished on the periphery of the passenger car market with […]

Best of the Best 2002: Autos: Best Sedans

New and Improved Infiniti’s Q45 has certainly had its critics. Jay Leno declared that its logo looked like a basket of snakes, and later refinements still left the car with boring and same-old interiors that were an easy inducement to falling asleep at the wheel. The 2002 Infiniti Q45, promises to silence the snickers. It […]