Jack Row

FrontRunners: Screen Capture

The sophomore release by up-and-coming British goldsmith Jack Row, the Jaali Collection (www.jackrow.com) features writing instruments and cuff links styled after the latticed-stone window coverings of Moghul-dynasty palaces in India. Row debuted as a pen maker last year with the Architect Collection, a series of writing instruments whose design evokes a modern skyscraper. The Jaali […]

Best of the Best 2012: Pens: Metal: Jack Row Architect

Jack Row—a 26-year-old goldsmith in Birmingham, England—made his debut in the luxury pen market last year with Architect, a collection of fascinating intricacy and modernity. Employing both centuries-old techniques such as lost-wax casting and cutting-edge computer-assisted design, Row was able to create a writing instrument that delicately evokes a modern skyscraper: A filigree based on […]

FrontRunners: Goldsmith Standard

Jack Row Exclusive Writing Instruments debuted its inaugural design, Architect (www.jackrow.com), in October at Harrods of Knightsbridge London. Row, a 26-year-old goldsmith based in Birmingham, England, utilized the manufacturing technique of rapid prototyping to design and produce resin models of the pen before creating the actual products. Skyscrapers in the modern urban landscape inspired his […]