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Luxury Cars Abound at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

While the Motor City has hosted an automotive trade show every year for much of the past century, the event did not become the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) until 1989, which made this year’s installment the 25th anniversary of the show. Running this year from January 13 through 26, NAIAS 2014 welcomed more […]

Lexus Debuts LF-NX Crossover Hybrid Concept

Lexus’ latest concept, the LF-NX compact crossover, will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). The LF-NX concept focuses on the growing segment of smaller, more urban-centric compact premium crossovers. Measuring 182.7 inches long with a 106.3-inch wheelbase, this crossover concept is smaller than the popular RX sport utility vehicle (SUV) that pioneered the […]

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