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BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style | Women’s Watches | Conceptual Innovation: Bulgari Berries

As the owner of a major complicated-watchmaking facility, Bulgari, like many other Swiss watchmakers, might have been tempted to release a scaled-down men’s watch as a rote entry into the developing women’s-complication market (a common industry practice). Fortunately for the casual consumer and collector alike, the jewelry house instead developed entirely new timepieces. On their […]

Introducing the Graff Classic Butterfly Watch

The outline of a butterfly has been depicted artistically throughout many different cultures over the course of history. One of the earliest references dates back to the Egyptian era when the image of a butterfly was frequently carved into architectural structures, used in art and incorporated into intricate jewellery pieces. The butterfly was first incorporated into Graff […]

Bedat Launches a Women’s Showpiece Model

The Geneva-based watchmaker Bedat & Co. has made a leap toward premium watchmaking with its new diamond-encrusted women’s model, the Extravaganza Ref. 327 ($272,500). The one-of-a-kind timepiece, which has 10.73 carats of diamonds, will be traveling to Bedat’s key retailers around the world this fall to showcase the brand’s new emphasis on high-end women’s timepieces. […]

Glashütte Original Explores Its Feminine Side

With a delicate, cushion-shaped case reminiscent of the 1920s, Glashütte Original’s new women’s-watch collection has a distinctly feminine edge. The Pavonina Collection is named from the Latin word for “peacock,” which aptly describes the bold showpiece: A stylized peacock tail is fashioned from 98 diamonds into feather-like lines. The case is flanked with an additional […]

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