Latin America – Argentina

21 Ultimate Gifts: A Horse Breeder Apart

The GIFT A visit to Ignacio Figueras’ horse farm in Argentina, where the renowned polo player and horse breeder will help the recipient select a polo pony from the farm’s stable. A private polo lesson from Figueras. Head-to-toe polo clothing and equipment: a bespoke Asprey leather saddle, a pair of custom-made Casa Fagliano boots, and […]

Golf: Cattle Drive

The remote location of his Argentine cattle ranch—some 1,000 miles from Buenos Aires—did not dissuade Jorge Taylor from converting a portion of Estancia Chapelco into a golf resort and community. Nor did it matter that he never had picked up a club, or that Argentina’s golf course designers had displayed a dearth of innovative ideas. […]

Grape Escapes: Cavas Wine Lodge

Ask Cavas Wine Lodge owner Cecilia Díaz Chuit to suggest a tranquil place for lunch, and she might send you off—with a picnic of serrano ham and arugula sandwiches on just-baked whole-grain bread—to explore the property’s vineyard on a mountain bike. Any location you choose will afford vistas of snowcapped Andes peaks, but you need […]

21 Ultimate Gifts: Mad About Polo

El Metejón, the name of the 300-acre Argentina polo estancia, or ranch, that Maria Chavanne’s family has owned for 27 years and that she has managed for 10, does not translate well into English. “It’s a really strong word, a Latin thing,” she says, struggling to capture its meaning. “It’s like when you meet somebody […]

Sport: Goal-Oriented

The morning air is crisp as I ride toward the field with a mallet balanced on my shoulder, the smell of grass and the tranquil, rustic setting putting me at ease. I have come to La Eloisa estancia, an Argentine farm and polo estate in the village of Las Heras, located 50 miles from Buenos […]