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JW Marriott Debuts Five-Star Luxury Hotel in Cusco, Peru

Marriott International takes the world-class JW Marriott hotel brand to new heights with the opening of JW Marriott Cusco, the brand’s first hotel built at its altitude of 11,154 feet above sea level in the South American Andes, satisfying the needs of luxury travelers who value a rich dose of culture with their vacation and/or […]

Beyond Rio

A light mist was blowing over the harbor about 100 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro as a speedboat approached the dock. After I climbed in and the boat had pulled away from the dock, the burbling of the twin Volvos rose in pitch, the vessel’s nose lifted, and we went racing out over the […]

Travel: Colca and a Smile

Though unsure of my exact altitude, I am certain—based on my surroundings and shortness of breath—that I am nowhere near sea level. Of course, my gasping also might owe to the precipitous drop directly in front of me, a sheer cliff that plunges into one of Earth’s deepest valleys. Snowcapped volcanic mountains rise above me, […]

Journeys: Cruise Control

The turquoise flashes of a blue morpho’s wings appear like a beacon as the butterfly darts and weaves in front of our skiff on the narrow, black-water Yanallpa River in northeastern Peru. Microscopic scales on the top of the insect’s wings, which can span as much as 8 inches, reflect an iridescent blue light, while […]

Leisure: Ashes to Ashtons

The only way to get from Nicaragua’s capital of Managua to the town of Estelí, the production center of the country’s cigar industry, is to drive northward along the twisting, two-lane CA-1, the Central American stretch of the Pan-American Highway. Since the road was repaved following Hurricane Mitch, which ravaged the region in 1998, the […]