Introducing the New BMW M5 Series

Although the previous M5’s V-10 offered a racecar-like willingness to rev, BMW looks to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions with every new model. Thus the new M5 is the first M car powered by a turbocharged engine. – Read more about the BMW M5 Series

Wheels: Breathing Easy

Building a better sports sedan is seldom if ever a simple task. It involves striking a delicate and often elusive balance between real-world requirements (passenger comfort, cruising range, cargo capacity) and gut-punching performance. But even when on paper the matrix appears to be synchronized, sometimes the formula does not translate to the road quite right. […]

BMW Reveals the 2012 M5: Twin-Turbo V-8, 560 hp, 190 mph

Few cars enjoy such a loyal following as BMW famously inspirational M5 sedan, and few events in the automotive world create quite as much excitement as the introduction of a new M5. For 2012, the Munich automaker has once again given its celebrated 5 Series sedan the M treatment and once again drawn a new […]

Car of the Year 2006: BMW M5

Few events stir more memorable moments than baseball season openers; the third Thursday of every November, when the Beaujolais Nouveau is uncorked; and the introduction of any BMW bearing an M badge. That single initial always has designated the addition of a Motorsports performance package to BMW’s sedans and coupes, which already drive dramatically quick […]