Mens Watch Brands

The Swiss Music-Box Watch Goes Modern

Watches are not the only finely wrought object to possess a history of 18th-century geniuses and 19th-century technical development and industrialization in Switzerland. The same can also be said for a less celebrated, but equally iconic Swiss product: the music box. The histories of the two products are actually closely intertwined, and now, thanks to […]

Pulse-Quickening Timepieces

“When Senior was alive, you would never have been allowed to see this room,” says Nakis Karapatis, standing at the door of Montres Breguet’s research and development department, which he heads. “Now we can begin showing off some of the things we have been working on.” Karapatis refers to Nicolas Hayek Sr., the founder and […]

Watches: Youth Evolution

The current CEO of the Geneva-based watch brand Romain Jerome, Manuel Emch, describes his company in the years before he was hired as “some kind of design-and-marketing laboratory.” Under its former top executive, the mercurial Yvan Arpa, the brand garnered much attention for its imaginative designs, but some of its more extreme experiments—watches laced with material […]

Watches: Vintage Victory

The sudden discovery of an extensive cache of decades-old watch movements reminded horologist Claude Sanz of the painful divide that exists in the minds of watchmakers between the glory days before the advent of quartz movements and the tense decades that followed. “The watchmakers who worked before the quartz crisis in the 1970s really don’t […]

Watches: Added Subtraction

To enhance a timepiece’s beauty, the designers at Piaget not so simply reduce its size. “Our business is to create thin and very elegant men’s watches,” says company CEO Philippe Léopold-Metzger. “The technical part of watchmaking allows the watch to be beautiful. But technique is not, in itself, the purpose.” If a slender profile is […]

Watches: Swing Shift

As a small group gathered in one of the formal private rooms of the Cartier mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City last November, a rather informal comment suddenly issued from one of the far corners: “She has a blank check,” announced a male voice. Surprised heads turned to discover that the speaker was […]

21 Ultimate Gifts: Dial Up the Romance

THE GIFT His and her one-of-a-kind Van Cleef & Arpels watches designed to tell the story of a couple’s romance. A long weekend for two in Paris and Geneva, including first-class airfare, accommodations, and dining arrangements. Private tours of Van Cleef & Arpels’ ateliers in Paris and watchmaking facilities in Geneva, and a consultation with […]

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