Introducing Mezcal Marqués

(LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK; February 20, 2015) — The Denomination of Mezcal – it includes agave spirits from 8 states and over 40 different kinds of agave varietals – exemplifies Mexico’s spirits diversity. And if you want to know where and when that diversity was first recognized you must go to Guanajuato, Mexico. There in the […]

Lightning in a Bottle

The agaves are piled 3 feet high, shorn of their sword-like paddles and stacked on the precipice of a pit lined with volcanic rock and radiating heat like a subterranean furnace. Each piña—as the agave hearts are called, because of their resemblance to enormous pineapples—represents about eight years of slow growth and a harvest so […]

Mezcal Comes Out from the Shadows

The mere mention of mezcal—a distillate made from agaves roasted in rock-lined earthen pits—often conjures up images of smoky cantinas and even smokier liquids being poured into dusty glasses. Not so with Sombra ($35), which means “the shadow” in Spanish and signifies the closeted role this ancient spirit has played in a world dominated by […]