Front Runners October 2015: Out of Commission

These matching earrings and necklace made from melo pearls—the rare iridescent orange specimens produced by their namesake sea snails, which inhabit the waters of Southeast Asia—exemplify what is possible through the Mikimoto M Customization program (mikimoto.com). (The suite also includes a matching ring.) Last year the program fulfilled 19 commissions for custom-made jewelry suites, each […]

Mikimoto Celebrates 120 Years with Four Seasons of High Jewelry

For all their glamour and prestige, cultured pearls were first created under unexpectedly modest circumstances. Kokichi Mikimoto, the son of a noodle-shop owner, developed an early fascination with natural pearls but was dismayed by their uneven quality and erratic availability. Inspired to develop a method for cultivating pearls that would match the beauty of the […]


The legendary pearl house creates a wide range of designs from the finest strand of rare golden South Sea pearls to fashionable, everyday creations in perhaps the widest array of sizes and colors anywhere. Signature Style: The best selection of classic South Sea pearl strands.