Return of the Roadster

Whatever the name, this new but classic-looking sports car is the best Morgan ever. The Morgan Roadster is back, after being absent from the U.S. market since early 2006, when it became too complicated for the car’s boutique British builder to comply with this country’s federal crash standards. Just don’t call the new car a […]

Roll, Britannia

The Morgan Motor Company may be regarded by some as a quaint relic of Britain’s storied automotive past. Yet the last independent British carmaker celebrates its centenary not only with a nod to history, but with state-of-the-art technology that holds out the promise of a shining future. When H.F.S. “Harry” Morgan built his first single-seat, […]

An Indelible Marque

No business school professor would tout the Morgan Motor Co. as a model for modern entrepreneurs to follow. The British firm’s story, simply put, is as follows: Morgan released its first product in 1910, manufactured that product for more than 25 years, added one significant component in 1936, and then continued building the updated item […]

Car of the Year 2004: Morgan Aero 8

Morgan, the oldest family-owned carmaker in the world (founded in 1910 by the grandfather of present owner Charles Morgan), enters the 21st century offering its state-of-the-art Aero 8. Such longevity represents a colossal achievement given the esoteric nature of this British marque and the stifling requirements that today’s car builders must meet. Yet Morgan has […]

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