Bentley Gilds the Lily with Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification

When Bentley Motors introduced the Mulsanne last year, the company touted the sedan as the ultimate road-going executive express. And indeed, there’s no arguing with its prodigious performance: with 505 hp and a titanic 752 ft lbs of torque from its twin-turbo 6.75-liter V-8, the Mulsanne will dispatch 60 mph in 5.1 seconds and press […]

Best of the Best 2011: Sedans: Bentley Mulsanne

While motorcars become greener, lighter, smaller, and less expensive, Bentley clings to its heritage by offering the Mul­sanne, a supersized sedan with a carbon footprint as large as that of a South York­shire coalfield. The world of motoring—plus an estimated 10 percent of Bentley owners—is all the better for this mighty $290,000 museum piece, which […]

The Biggest Bentley Ever Built

During the formative decades of the luxury motorcar, oversize was a virtue. Girth was good, and bigger was even better. One of the outward signs of a driver’s financial success was automotive excess. A Bugatti Royale weighed more and stretched farther than today’s Hummers and dually trucks. Vehicles bearing the badges of Cadillac, Delahaye, Lincoln, […]

Bentley Reveals Details and Pricing for the 2011 Mulsanne

Following its dramatic debut in 2009 at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California, the very grand 2011 Bentley Mulsanne is rolling closer to the showroom. Now, Bentley Motors has revealed model details and production plans for this successor to the vaunted Arnage sedan, as well as a price. The first Mulsanne is expected to […]