Orient-Express Hotels

Travel: Colca and a Smile

Though unsure of my exact altitude, I am certain—based on my surroundings and shortness of breath—that I am nowhere near sea level. Of course, my gasping also might owe to the precipitous drop directly in front of me, a sheer cliff that plunges into one of Earth’s deepest valleys. Snowcapped volcanic mountains rise above me, […]

Back Page: Training Days

Even when it takes place aboard restored vintage passenger cars, luxury train travel is not what it used to be—and for that, passengers can be grateful. A truly authentic first-class train trip likely would involve waiting in line to use the bathroom or to take a shower.   The first of the modern era’s opulent […]

Leisure: The Lost Art of Venice

Upon your arrival, the glory of Venice strikes you. It is present in the architecture of the palaces, churches, and squares. The city’s onetime prosperity is witnessed in commissioned paintings by Bellini, Carpaccio, Tintoretto, and Titian. And who is not familiar with the unique cuisine that developed in Venice? After all, when the city-state controlled […]