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Gifts of Good Cheer: Full Speed Ahead

If you’re looking for a unique street-legal sports car or a track-ready racer that you can drive immediately, this European coupe is not for you. But if you yearn for the exclusive and believe that patience is a virtue, Paul and Tino Huet might just deliver the ideal automobile. The Dutch brothers began their automotive […]

Built For Speed

A first-time visitor to the Collector Studio Motor-sport Gallery (www.collectorstudio.com) in downtown Toronto likely will feel a tad overwhelmed. The 2,400-square-foot store almost overflows with all facets of car and race memorabilia, from authentic steering wheels of historic Ferrari racecars to track-worn Formula One racing suits. Yet, despite such a far-reaching inventory, it’s what new customers […]

Autos: Great Dane

Fast as the Zenvo ST1 is—”ridiculously fast,” says Jesper Jensen, cofounder of Zenvo Automotive, the Danish company that builds the 233 mph supercar—it could be even faster. But Jensen had other priorities when he and automotive engineer and business partner Troels Vollersten began developing the ST1 eight years ago. “Most important is the design,” says […]

Crazy Crossbreed

It is nearly impossible to classify a two-seat, three-wheel vehicle with no doors and a motorcycle engine, but there is a name for it: the T-Rex. Campagna Motors, a boutique auto/bike builder based in Montreal, is responsible for the creation and distribution of this eccentric speed machine. Conceptually blending the most extreme aspects of motorbikes […]

Wheels: Dutch Treat

At first glance, the Spyker C8 Aileron may inspire conflicting emotions among those with an affinity for modern supercars. Accustomed to the sleek but relatively unadorned appearance of the Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini Diablo, they might consider the Aileron’s extroverted styling and abundance of “jewelry”—polished rings frame the prominent air intakes, and bright mesh coverings […]

Sport: Plug and Play

To demonstrate how well the Vectrix handles, Dana DeCosta weaves the electric maxi-scooter along a coastal road. “It’s very stable going side to side,” DeCosta, a project manager for the Massachusetts company building the vehicle, explains to me over his shoulder. “But,” he adds as he twists the throttle, “you get a pull going forward […]

21 Ultimate Gifts: Go, Go, Goldammer

ExperiMental, the first racing motorcycle made by Canadian custom bike builder Roger Goldammer.   Price $450,000 During his childhood in British Columbia, Canada, Roger Goldammer often helped his father repair his Jaguar and his piston-powered aircraft. Ultimately, however, Goldammer succumbed to the spell of the motorcycle. “Emotionally, you can go from exhilaration to relaxation to […]

21 Ultimate Gifts: A Spyder That Flies

Exclusivity in the world of sports and luxury automobiles is relative. Porsches and Mercedes seem positively commonplace when compared to Ferraris and Bentleys, but even these rarely encountered series production cars are manufactured in the thousands annually. For those drivers seeking the rarest of aves, a Spyker C8 Spyder—built to order—is the ultimate in gratification. […]

Feature: Cobra Reincarnated

Henry Ford was wrong: history is not bunk. Refutations abound, especially in the auto industry, where the Superformance Coupe represents yet another example of the past’s influence on the present. Without its ancestor, the remarkably successful Cobra Daytona, a car that has become firmly embedded in racing history, the Coupe would not exist. And that […]