Paintings – American

Art: Moon Strokes

Nothing on the surface of the moon is violet or orange or pink or blue. Alan Bean knows better than anyone that everything on the moon appears gray. He’s been there; during the Apollo 12 mission in November 1969, Bean became the fourth person to set foot on the moon. Nevertheless, he uses colors to […]

Fully Animated

Macabre and haunting illustrations decorate the main floor of AFA Gallery (, attracting the attention of passersby on Greene Street in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. These works, by such noted artists as Tim Burton, Kathie Olivas, and Lin Esser, reflect the gallery’s recent evolution away from traditional works of animation art. With the onset of […]

Winslow Homer’s Coastal Studio Opens

Winslow Homer, one of the most important American artists of the 19th century, painted many of his most recognizable works at his studio on Prouts Neck near Portland, Maine. Now owned by the Portland Museum of Art (PMA), the meticulously renovated studio recently opened for limited public tours through December 2, recommencing in April 2013. […]

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