Piaggio Aero

Fast Forward

Piaggio’s Avanti turboprop has evolved to offer greater range, more comfort, and as much speed as ever. The Avanti Evo, Piaggio Aero’s newest twin turboprop, retains the distinctive look of its predecessor while offering longer and quieter flights. And with a top speed of more than 460 mph, the new model is just as fast as […]

Best of the Best 2012: Business Aircraft: Business Turboprop: Piaggio Aero P.180 Avanti II

If King Airs define the turboprop category, then the Piaggio Aero P.180 Avanti II (561.253.0104, http://www.piaggioaero.com) redefines it. The curious-looking design elements serve specific purposes in improving the aircraft’s performance and the passengers’ comfort. Piaggio, an Italian manufacturer, placed the twin rear-facing engines 8 feet behind the farthest aft passenger seat to minimize cabin noise […]

Test Flight: Piaggio Aero P.180 Avanti II

On a recent sunny spring day in Los Angeles, I flew aboard one of the industry’s most innovative new aircraft, the P.180 Avanti II from Italian manufacturer Piaggio Aero, departing from Elite Aviation FBO (fixed-base operator) at Van Nuys Airport. The twin-engine turboprop, priced at roughly $7.5 million, is strikingly different in appearance to its […]

Cabin Comforts

Great emphasis is placed on an aircraft’s capabilities—its range, cruise speed, climb rate, and fuel efficiency. Once the plane leaves the ground, however, the cabin design becomes of paramount importance: If you are comfortable on board and have all the amenities you need, you will not mind spending that extra time aloft that a speedier […]