Pocket Watch

What’s in a Name

Roger Dubuis embraces its founder’s values with a series of vintage-movement timepieces. The first in Roger Dubuis’s series of one-of-a-kind timepieces organized around combinations of vintage movements, the Hommage Millésime pocket watch ($892,500) is the most interesting and, in many ways, counter­intuitive project the Geneva-based watch brand has undertaken in years. Although restoring and assembling these […]

Time Honored

A carefully thought-out tourbillon reflects the 18th-century legacy of Ferdinand Berthoud. “I got to know who Ferdinand Berthoud was through my grandfather’s pocket-watch collection,” recalls Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, a copresident of Chopard. “The more I read about him, the more I admired what he did.” In honor of the 18th-century horologist, Scheufele—who has built up his […]

Pockets of Resistance

The mechanical-watch renaissance of the past decade or so has proven a boon for just about every sort of timepiece, as brands have developed and produced countless new models of complicated, simple, classical, and modernly styled watches. The only form seemingly uninvited to the party happens to be the one that started it all: the […]