Love and Rockets: From Zero to 100

  << 1913: Brothers Alfieri, Ettore, and Ernesto Maserati open an auto repair shop in Bologna, Italy.    1920s: Inspired by the colossal statue of Neptune in Bologna, brother Mario Maserati designs the trident logo.    1926: The Maseratis build their first car, the Tipo 26. Alfieri drives it to a win in the first race […]

Maserati Reveals Curvaceous New Quattroporte

You might not guess by looking at it, but the current iteration of Maserati’s luscious Quattroporte dates way back to 2004. The sedan’s evergreen style and handcrafted Ferrari V-8 have kept it relevant in a highly competitive market, but there’s little question that after nine years, Maserati aficionados are ready for a change. Just in […]

Best of the Best 2008: Sedans

Finally, a Jaguar that embraces the purity of its past and just might rekindle devotion to a brand following a decade of confusion and disappointments. What elevates the Jaguar XF (www.jaguarusa.com) are the 300 hp V-8 engine borrowed from the far heavier, more ponderous XJ8; charming gadgets better than most anything from Sharper Image; and […]

Best of the Best 2007: Sedans

First came the Maybach 62, introduced four years ago as an 18-footer for elderly businessmen and their chauffeurs. Next was the smaller Maybach 57, designed more for those who prefer to do their own driving. Both hammered out 550 hp from biturbo V-12s. Then Maybach took its 57 to the back room, reinvented its V-12, […]

Autos: Espresso con Crema

One writer damned the Quasi-Automatic Transmission in the otherwise smooth and affable Maserati Quattroporte for its mechanical hiccups and “up-shifts that are depressingly clumsy and slow.” Another reviewer noted identical burps, adding, “The vehicle often dives during the power lag between shifts.” In our 2004 evaluations of Maserati’s then-new sedan, most of us scribes agreed […]

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