Private Jet Vacation to the Baltic States and Russia

Tucked away behind the Iron Curtain for so many years, the Baltics remain a hidden destination where not too many seem to tread. Yet now the final curtain has dropped, the Ex-Soviet states are open for exploration boasting a dazzling array of Baroness charm, baroque architecture, chic cosmopolitan cities, and endless fields of sunflowers turning […]

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg

The 19th-century structure that houses the new Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg was originally an apartment complex for Russian nobility. Following a decade-long renovation—and nearly a century after the fall of the Romanov Dynasty—the property opened in June as Four Seasons’ first hotel in Russia. Located a short walk from the State Hermitage […]

Sneak Peek: Four Seasons St. Petersburg, Russia

The Four Seasons opened a 183-room hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, this summer, situated next to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Winter Palace, and the Hermitage museum (from $450 per night). Built in 1820, the building is known for the twin lions at its entryway, which were described in Alexander Pushkin’s 1833 poem The Bronze Horseman, […]

Rocco Forte’s Hotel Astoria Unveils New Czar’s Suite

Rocco Forte’s Hotel Astoria, in St. Petersburg, Russia, has unveiled its elegant new Czar’s Suite in celebration of the hotel’s 100th anniversary this year.  Designed by Olga Polizzi, the brand’s Director of Design, the 3,500 square foot space offers unparalleled views over St. Isaac’s Square and its glorious cathedral, and is mere steps from The […]

Quark Expeditions’ Newest Arctic Escape

Over the past two decades, Quark Expeditions has led the way in polar travel with a fleet of seven ice-classed vessels and a selection of more than 20 unique adventures—including twice-annual voyages to the North Pole in a nuclear-powered icebreaker. The newest addition to the company’s portfolio for the 2013 season is the Greenland Explorer […]

Best of the Best 2012: Spirits: Elit by Stolichnaya Pristine Water Series: The Himalayan Edition

Russians invented vodka centuries ago, but the U.S. government only recognized the clear spirit (which was deemed odorless and tasteless) as a separate spirit category in 1951. Since then, distillers have striven to create super-premium versions of vodka that respect its heritage while offering the complexity and depth of other spirits. In this regard, Stolichnaya […]

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