The Audi S8: Smaller Engine, Bigger Performance

Audi’s previous S8, retired after the 2011 model year, was blessed with a brutish version of the 5.2-liter V-10 engine from its corporate cousin Lamborghini. It was also cursed (on occasion) with a whiplash-inducing jolt of acceleration off the line at every stoplight. Needless to say, while it was utterly fast, it was not the […]

Car of the Year: No. 6: Audi S8

Audi’s new version of the S8 exceeded the expectations of many participants in this year’s event. They were surprised that this S8 was even better than its predecessor, and that it possessed more personality and sporting character than its tasteful, understated styling suggested. But both are characteristics common to most of the marque’s recent models: […]