Cape Crusaders

Southern Africa’s leading artists—and the pioneering collectors who have amassed their works—are shaping Cape Town into a capital of the contemporary art world.     Please Don’t Kill Us. The giant block letters emblazoned across the yellow brick wall seemed unnervingly out of place against the peaceful and prosperous backdrop of Cape Town’s Tamboerskloof neighborhood. […]

BEST of the BEST 2014 | Journeys | Resorts: Segera Retreat

Following an early-morning game drive at Segera Retreat (+27.11.807.1800,, guests often retire to the private observation decks of their villas for a prelunch nap. But unruly neighbors—mischievous vervet monkeys bouncing on the roof, trumpeting elephants passing through the backyard, and squawking Von der Decken’s hornbills flying overhead—often preclude even the briefest moments of shut-eye. Opened […]

Sneak Peek: Segera Retreat, Kenya

Segera Retreat has opened in a 50,000-acre wildlife sanctuary in Laikipia on the foothills of Mount Kenya, just 13 miles north of the equator, surrounded by a savanna and grasslands and home to an array of animals and birds. The property has eight private villas, each with a Jacuzzi bath and private sundeck, as well […]