Aviation: Good Connections

Alex Wilcox is no stranger to innovation. He was the first JetBlue employee, in 1999, before moving to Mumbai to launch Kingfisher Airlines, which has become one of the largest operators in India. Each of those companies secured a sizable portion of its market, he says, by offering a better flight experience at a lower […]

The Best of the Best 2003: Airlines – Singapore Airlines

Take the interior of a Rolls-Royce, the hospitality of a five-star hotel, and the epicurean delights of a gourmet restaurant, and send them 33,000 feet in the air. The result is Singapore Airlines. Singapore’s first-class accommodations, with oversize, burrwood-appointed seats in Connolly leather, set a new standard for airborne elegance and comfort. The seats are […]

Best of the Best 2002: Travel: Best Airlines

Gourmet to Go It may strike you as odd, but there are travelers who choose to fly Cathay Pacific Airways simply for the dim sum breakfast, on par with the dim sum served in Hong Kong’s best restaurants. Equally popular is the airline’s signature dessert, a double-milk custard laced with ginger, which wins praise from […]