SL Class

Mercedes-Benz Ups the Performance Ante, Again, with the SL63 AMG

Replacing Mercedes-Benz’s well-loved R230 SL-Class roadster—a car that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show way back in 2001—was no small feat, but the company’s crack team of engineers, stylists, and artisans rose to the occasion. The 2013 R231 SL550, with its stiff and lightweight aluminum structure and panoply of advanced technologies, is a better car […]

Lord of the ’Ring

Armco barriers, tarmac, candy cane–colored rumble strips, and towering oak trees rushed at me as I plunged the Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG into the Fuchsröhre, or Foxhole. I squeezed the gas pedal, and the car bellowed as it approached 130 mph. Gravity and a 518 hp V-8 engine combined to slingshot the car toward the […]