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Sport: Get Up, Stand Up

As my one-man outrigger canoe capsized in the Bora-Bora lagoon, I remembered the first rule of Kainalu XT training: Respect the water. I had gone into the paddling session with the mind-set of an experienced kayaker—overconfident and in control, rather than attuned to the subtleties of an unfamiliar canoe in unknown waters. Even in the […]

The Robb Reader: Ken Burns

Through his luxuriously long—and immensely popular—documentaries, Ken Burns has shaped our collective knowledge of jazz, the Civil War, national parks, and other thoroughly American subjects. This month, the 57-year-old filmmaker trains his camera for the second time on our great American pastime with The Tenth Inning, a four-hour documentary airing September 28 and 29 on […]