Back to Basics with the Suzuki TU250X

Amid the endlessly escalating horsepower wars, the frenzied pursuit of fairing fashion, and the breathless anticipation of the latest and greatest, it’s easy to lose track of the basics. And when it comes to motorcycles, it doesn’t get much more elemental than old-school standards with so little bodywork, you can be seen through them. Recalling […]

Best of the Best 2008: Motorcycles: Roadster: Suzuki B-King

Like the Ducati Desmosedici RR, the Suzuki B-King debuted as a prototype long before it became a production motorcycle; it originated as the Boost-King concept bike at the prestigious Tokyo Motor Show in 2001. Few expected the machine with startling anime-inspired styling to make it to the showroom floor without losing its radical essence. For […]

Best of the Best 2007: Sportbikes

Kawasaki has been building big, 4-cylinder bikes for a long time, and all that experience and knowledge is apparent in the manufacturer’s latest flagship. The $11,899 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 ( is the most powerful motorcycle the company has ever made, but that is only part of its appeal. It is also easy to ride, flexible, […]