Best Bar None: How to Create the Perfect Bar

Once associated with the 70s, home bars are now making a big comeback.  Halstock, the leading English cabinet makers, have recently been commissioned to create bars in some of London’s most exclusive homes and have come up with some key tips on how to create the perfect bar – whether you want something grand, fun, discreet […]

Recycling, Redefined

Precise stitching, flawless crystal, unmarred animal skins, and perfectly dyed silks are just some of the hallmarks of Hermès’s uncompromising designs, which helped earn them a win in this year’s Best of the Best issue.

BEST of the BEST 2014 | Home | Decor: Stefano Ricci Royal Suite Collection

A distinguished Italian menswear designer has brought a wealth of fashion sense to his company’s latest items for the home. The Stefano Ricci Royal Suite Collection (212.371.3901, includes a sterling-silver teapot ($9,500) and coffee pot ($10,220) in paisley decorations—the same styles that adorn some of the Florentine brand’s ties. The eagle’s heads that crown […]

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