TCS and Starquest Expeditions

A One-of-a-Kind Trip for History Buffs and Foodies

For those who can’t get enough history and culture, TCS and Starquest Expeditions has created a once-in-a-lifetime itinerary giving travelers unrivaled access to some of the world’s greatest treasures and cultures. From September 17 to October 5, the companywill take 76 guests by private jet on a unique tour of Iceland, Budapest, India, China, Vietnam, […]

The Perfect 10: God Speed

What » A pilgrimage by private jet to explore the origins of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.   Who » TCS Expeditions specializes in themed around-the-world trips by private jet. The Seattle-based company typically charters a Boeing 757 for its approximately 24-day-long journeys, which can accommodate as many as 74 clients at a […]

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Atlantic Crossing

TCS Expeditions (800.727.7477, www? will offer its own version of an Atlantic Rim journey in January. Departing from London, the Cape to Cape tour visits Madeira Island, Portugal; Burkina Faso; Namibia; Cape Town, South Africa; Rio de Janeiro; Buenos Aires; Cape Horn in Chile; Iguazú Falls in Brazil; and Panama City. Rates for the 23-day […]

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Each time the king pauses for a breath, the man next to him says “jhoom” in a voice that could make Barry White sound like a soprano. The king’s own tones are soft and thoughtful, punctuated by gestures from his hands, both of which are adorned with enormous rings depicting two crocodiles that share the […]

From Religion To Bicycle Riding

Keeping the Faith The first-draft itinerary for TCS Expe­ditions’ Great Faiths 2007 trip, which explores some of the world’s most sacred sites, spanned 40 days. While that duration was appealing because of its biblical implications, the Seattle tour company knew that it was untenable, and so it whittled down the journey. The inaugural trip, which […]

New Frontiers: Libya: Shifting Sands

Antiquities expert Yousef al-Khattali recently made an archaeological discovery at Villa Silin, about 55 miles from downtown Tripoli. The late-first-century Roman villa overlooks the Mediterranean from a sandy ridge just west of Leptis Magna, one of Libya’s five UNESCO World Heritage sites and among the best preserved cities of the ancient world.   In 1974, […]

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